Jan 19, 1847 Bishopsgate
Susannah (Johnson)
b. Coopersale, Essex, about 1823      b. Poplar, Middlesex, about 1824
Cab driver in 1851, captain in 1877, butcher by 1891      She may have died in 1873 in Whitechapel
1841 census
1851 census
1871 census
1891 census
1851 census
1871 census
Ellen/Helen Charles William
Probable link
James Thomas
Possible link
C 2/1/1848 St Botolph Bishopsgate b 10/10/1849
C 28/10/1849 St Botolph Bishopsgate
C 21/3/1852 St Botolph Bishopsgate b. 1855 Poplar C 21/6/1857 St Dunstan, Stepney b. 1865 Poplar
= Aug 31, 1869 Orsett, Essex = 1880 Orsett, Essex?
1871 Census
1901 census
1901 census 1871 census
Lighterman, then general grocer in 1901 Millstone dresser in 1901
d. 1877 at Orsett
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1847 Marriage solemnized at the parish church in the parish of St Botolph Bishopsgate in the County of City of London
No When Married Name and surname Age Condition Rank or Profssion Residence at the time of Marriage Father's name and surname Rank or Profession of Father
58 Jan 19 William Brind of age Bachelor Dairyman 23 Skinner Street Henry John Bishop Brind Farmer
Susannah Johnson of age Spinster     Thomas Johnson Sailmaker
Married in the parish church according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church after banns by me, XXXXXXXXXX curate
This Marriage was
solemnized between us
William Brind

Susannah Johnson
In the
Presence of us
John Piggin

Mary Ann Johnson

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