Henry John Bishop Brind

Very doubtful link for Henry
? Mary (?)
Lived near the Church at Theydon Garnon, Ongar
of independent means (Farmer?)

Got a game certificate in 1835
     b. Essex 1794ish
1841 census 1841 census
1851 census
d. 1847
John Bishop Mary Ann Sarah? William Matilda Sophia Francis
b. Stratford, Essex, about 1812 b. Stratford, Essex, about 1816 b. Stratford, Essex, about 1823 b. Coopersale, Essex, about 1823 about 1826 in Essex about 1831 in Essex about 1831 in Essex
= 1840 Eliza Johnson
E London
= 1843 Henry French
= 19 Jan 1847 Susannah Johnson
1861 census 1851 census 1841 census 1841 census 1841 census 1841 census
Lighterman Cab driver in 1851, butcher by 1891

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Whilst DNA evidence makes it almost certain that Henry was descended from the military Brinds if the above link is correct then there is a problem. Thomas Brind (1758-1838), father of Henry Walter (b. 1792) died before the 1841 census yet his will suggests he only had two sons (Charles and Thomas)! Henry Walter was not mentioned in his brother Charles's will of 1848, or for that matter in the will of his aunt Elizabeth of 1843.
1861 census terman