Maurice March 24, 1920 Emily (Draper)
b. Wallingford 1888 See report on Golden Wedding anniversary b. about 1900 South Ascot
1901 census
Eileen May
b. March 24, 1920
= June 25, 1941 Sydney Bown b. 18 Oct 1918 (south west Hackney)
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From: "Kathleen Betty Bown"
Subject: Brind family
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005 22:57:41 +0100
Hi Jonathan or should we say (very distant) cousin.....

My husband and I have been researching his family tree. His mother was Eileen May Brind and we have traced his family back to Thomas Brind:
Thomas Brind b abt 1624 & Eleanor Horne b abt 1628 m 12 Aug 1649 (Aldbourne)
John Brind b 9 Sep 1655 & Joane b abt 1653 m 1674 (Aldbourne)
Thomas Brind b 10 Dec 1680 & Ann Iles b abt 1675 (Chiseldon) m 15 Feb 1696
Thomas Brind b 24 Nov 1705 & Jane Adams b abt 1714 m 3 Jun 1739 (Aldbourne)
Richard Brind b 29 Apr 1753 & Mary Dixon b abt 1756 m 13 Oct 1777 (Aldbourne)
Robert Brind b 6 May 1792 & Elizabeth Page 17 Oct 1793 m 17 Oct 1814 (Aldbourne)
Robert Brind b 14 Mar 1827 & Celine/Seline babt 1827 m 6 Nov 1849 (Witney)
Thomas Brind b abt 1856 (Lambourne Woodlands) & Margeret b about 1859(Middx)
Maurice Brind b 1888 (Wallingford) & Emily Draper b abt 1900 (South Ascot)
Eileen May Brind b24 Mar 1920& Sydney Bown b 18 Oct 1918 (South West Hackney)m 25 Jun 1941

We have been researching since May through different web sites - for the 1861-1901 census years and other web sites for farther back - what a shame we didn't see your site first, it would have been a great help.

We came across your web page today with loads of family history on ( and was thrilled to read that out of the 5 Brind families my husband was the one you were writing about.

We were very confused over 'Mary Dixon' for a while and thought we had made a mistake somewhere so lovely to hear we didn't and that there were two Mary Dixon's.

Two things we had different was Henry b abt 1766 - we have him married to Ann Neate 3 Dec 1876 and then Mary *Neale* 1 May 1791 who was the officiating minister -curate- and wondered if he was a relative as he was called James Neale. We have his father Henry b 1742 married to Lucy Hidden. We got this info from Paul Sherriff's web site.

Also Zebulon - the LDS site and Paul Sherriff's site has Zebulon b 5 Nov 1788 parents to be Richard Brind and Mary Dixon not Zebulon and Mary Ventham.

Can you give us more info on this please.

We are very interested in the social history of the time, we have been trying to put the family into context of what was happening in the country at the time. We read somewhere about the swing riots, (I think it was a book by Jill Chambers) she said there had been very bad summers 1828/9/30 which would have created panic, not enough food around and the threat to your job with the new threshing machines (I am a farmers daughter so found this very interesting) so you can understand why it happened.

We saw William Brind had claimed for the loss of his home in the fire on the Aldbourne site but we wasn't sure it was 'our' William Brind, so thanks for that.

By the way, my husbands name is Leonard, Frank, Thomas - so at least the name Thomas is still in the family.
Betty & Leonard Bown
PS Do you mind us asking which is your line of decent?


Close friends and relatives raised their glasses for a toast at the surprise party for Maurice and Emily Brind who celebrated their golden wedding anniversary this year.

The party was arrange by their daughter Doris and her husband Eddie and their son Maurice and his wife Eileen. It was held at Doris's home at Hilltop Close, Cheapside.

Mr Brind (82) who has been crippled with arthritis for over 30 years said about marriage: "You have to take it as it comes. Once they have got you you have to stick with them."

The couple, who live at 22 Bowden Road, Sunninghilll, were married at All Saints Church, South Ascot. Mr Brind has lived in Sunninghill since he was five years old.

"I've seen a few changes over the years," he said. "I used to be able to put two bob on a pub counter and get six pints of beer. But now if I put that much down for one pint they ask me for a few more coppers."

During their marriage the couple have lived in four houses in Sunninghill-- all within about 200 yards of each other. Mr Brind was a landscape gardener before he was forced to give it up.

As the couple walked into the party someone put on the Ken Dodd record "Happiness" as no one could obtain a recording of the wedding march.

Mrs Brind, who is 70 years old, celebrated her birthday as well as the golden wedding at the party. The couple were very pleased with the party especially Mr Brind-- "the beer didn't cost anything."

NOTE: Two bob (or two shillings) was worth ten pence. Today (2006) a pint of beer costs about two pounds, or ten times as much.

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