James = Feb 11, 1880 Kensington Mary Jane Coleman
b. Ireland about 1852 b. 1854/55 Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire
Prison warder/porter dressmaker
1881 census 1881 census
Daisy Margaret L James Henry Beatrice Mary Louisa James Percy
b Paddington 1881 b December 21, 1884, Kensington Town
b October 28, 1887, Kensington Town
b 1889, Paddington
= Sarah Gavin at Church of Christ, Eskinville, NSW, 3/Sep/1915
d Kensington 1881?
but no obvious cert entry
1881 census

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If the above is James in the following tree then there is a possible link to (Thomas) Henry click here born 1869 Uxbridge.
From: lisa.harding@b1limited.com
Subject: Brind family
Date: 22 November 2006 11:21:31 GMT

Hi there

I wonder if you might be able to fill in any gaps in my family tree.

I have attached what I know already but am lost after my great great gradmother who came from Ireland and married a Brind there!

I am the daughter of sandra Heritage who you can see on the right hand side of the tree under Frederick Charles brind, my grandfather.

Any help you can give me would be fantastic as my mother knows nothing about her history!

Many many thanks