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I found my original note from David about the Brind death I am supposed to be looking for. I have told you wrong, Jocelyn. We should be looking for Edward Brind. After you left I found some fiche. A Sands and McDougall 1875 Melbourne Directory and a Victorian Probate Directory. In the S & McD, one listing for a George F Brind, Point Napean Road, Caulfield In the Probate Index - John Brind, Nillumbik, Carpenter died 4.10.1882 Probate 22.11.1882 Eliza Brind. (I presume that was who the probate was granted to) and another one, William P Brind, Carlton, carrier died 17.2.1886, Probate 13.4.1886 J & C G Rhimes.

Those CDs I was looking at before you arrived this morning gave us a death for Henry Brind 14.2.1890 aged 71 years, residence and place of death Adelaide.

From a South Australian 1881 Directory, Adelaide. E Brind, Bookseller, Bank Street; William Brind, farmer, Gawler River; W J Brind JP, manager South Australian Company, North Terrace, p r Glenelg. (don't know what 'p r' means) so nothing useful even though the bookseller's initial is 'E'. Having said that I don't know that David is definite that the d.o.d. is 1890 and this is 1881 (I was thinking the date David gave me was 1880).

Denice McCartan of NZ
Brinds in Australia
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M 1851 NSWSp: John BARRETT
BRIND Ann EB 1866 NSWFa: Enos BRINDMuswellbrook 11681
BRIND Anna MariaB 1874 NSWFa: Enos BRINDMuswellbrook 13257
BRIND Annie ED 1868 NSWFa: Enos
BRIND Annie E CB 1888 NSWMo: Emma E BRINDMuswellbrook 25298
BRIND Catherine SarahB 1878 VICFa: William Pym BRIND
BRIND CharlesD 1858 NSWFa: Enos
BRIND CharlesD 1858 NSWFa: Enos
BRIND Charles LloydB 1882 VICFa: Henry BRIND
BRIND Edith AdelineD 1880 VICFa: Hy
BRIND Edith EvelineB 1871 VICFa: Henry BRIND
BRIND EdwardM 1877 VICSp: Ellen BUCKLAND
BRIND Edward FrancisB 1876 VICFa: Henry BRIND
BRIND Edward W HB 1873 NSWFa: Enos BRINDMuswellbrook 14849
BRIND ElizaB 1865 NSWFa: Enos BRINDMuswellbrook 11872
BRIND ElizaD 1866 NSWFa: Enos
BRIND ElizabethB 1871 NSWFa: Enos BRINDMuswellbrook 13796
BRIND Emma EB 1869 NSWFa: Enos BRINDMuswellbrook 14576
BRIND Eric ThomasB 1884 VICFa: Henry BRIND
BRIND Frederick CharlesB 1872 VICFa: Henry BRIND
BRIND Frederick CharlesD 1874 VICFa: Henry
BRIND George FrederickB 1869 VICFa: Henry BRIND
BRIND George FrederickD 1872 VICFa: Henry
BRIND George FrederickM 1874 VICSp: Elizabeth Ann DOWLING
BRIND George MatthewsB 1879 VICFa: Edward BRIND
BRIND Gertrude MaryB 1874 VICFa: Henry BRIND
BRIND Harry HanslowB 1866 VICFa: Henry BRIND
BRIND HenryM 1864 VICSp: Hester Bennett GOODFELLOW
BRIND HenryM 1881 VICSp: Carol Ann THOMAS
BRIND Hester BennetD 1878 VICFa: Goodfellow Dav
BRIND JohnD 1882 VICFa: Frank
BRIND MariaB 1863 NSWFa: Enos BRINDMaitland 9139
BRIND MariaM 1884 NSWSp: Henry NAGEL
BRIND MaryM 1868 NSWSp: Amos PIKE
BRIND Mary AD 1851 NSW 
BRIND Mary AB 1859 NSWFa: Enos BRINDMaitland 9124
BRIND Mary AM 1878 NSWSp: James MILTONMaitland 9124
BRIND Mary DowlingB 1876 VICFa: George Frederic BRIND
BRIND Mary PhillipsB 1867 VICFa: Henry BRIND
BRIND Mary PhillisD 1872 VICFa: Henry
BRIND SarahM 1874 VICSp: Archibald HAMILTON
BRIND Sarah JD 1877 NSWFa: Enos
BRIND Sarah JaneM 1S87 VICSp: William Isaac BICKNELL
BRIND ThomasD 1860 TASSee note
BRIND WilliamD 1874 NSWFa: Enos
BRIND WilliamB 1874 NSWFa: Enos BRINDMuswellbrook 15258
BRIND William JohnM 1860 VICSp: Catherine Annie BUSSON
BRIND William PymM 1877 VICSp: Sarah Jane RHIMES
BRIND Wm PymD 1886 VICFa: Jno
Brinds in Australia

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TITLE South Australian Company: William John Brind
DESCRIPTION William John Brind, Colonial Manager 1861-1894.
DATE ca.1930

There is some possibility that William John may come from this family
A supplementary report of the South Australian Company, to be presented on the 14th inst., embraces the accounts received from the colony for the half year ending the 30th of June. The income for that period, after allowing for losses and reductions for rent, amounted to £13,325. Nearly all the farms which had been relinquished in conseqence of a period of drought have been relet, and in many instances at the advance of rent. Mr Giles, the manager in South Australia, will retire on account of age and infirmities on the 1st of January and is to be succeeded by Mr Brind.

The Economist Dec 15, 1860 (1404)